My name is Seán Kelleher, I'm a software engineer, and I'm the CTO at Trustap.

I'm passionate about code stability. To this end I've spent time learning and researching things like type theory, virtualisation and containerisation, proper error handling, isolated testing, Rust's borrow checker, and other topics. I see error handling in particular as a major shortcoming and source of instability in a lot of modern software and it's something that I hope to write more about.

Early on in my programming journey I explored different programming languages in a conscious effort to find my ideal language. This was largely influenced by an early mentor of mine in college, the late Joseph Manning. The result of this research is that Go is the language I rely on for practical use, but Rust is probably the closest to what my ideal programming language would be. I've also implemented a few compilers and interpreters, but mostly for learning purposes.

Other areas of Computer Science that I've spent considerable time on, but don't focus on as much anymore outside of work, are security, game development, and Operating Systems.

I have a number of hobbies outside of computers, but I tend to go through bouts of energy with each.